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Frequently Asked Questions

Why Templar 26?

Eco friendly, no noise, simple to operate, easy boarding, zero emissions, no exhaust fumes, swim platform and ladder, fully encloseable cockpit, central heating for year round use, almost zero maintenance.

What features does it have?

Optional – fully functional bathroom with 6′ headroom sink and vanity, refrigerator, BBQ, surround sound with Bluetooth, VHF, 1500 watt inverter, multiple USB ports, central heating for winter use and a full poly carbonate enclosure for year round use.

What range does it have?

The Templar 26’ comes standard with lithium-iron-phosphate batteries. This allows a useable range of approx. 6.5 hours underway @ 5 knots. (9 kmph or 5.7mph) covering a distance of approx. 36 miles. The performance of the boat will depend on the number of passengers being carried and the weather and sea swell conditions at the time. Adding additional batteries will increase the range of the vessel.

Why electric?

Electric? Absolutely. But we get it….it was the same when the first electric cars were announced. And look where we are now! The Templar is quiet, in fact, almost silent, and at approximately 10 cents per operating hour, with virtually no maintenance, no winterizing, no more trips to the fuel dock, and a comfortable speed of approximately 14 kph, it’s a no brainer.

How many can it seat ?

At 26′ (8m long), the boat can comfortably carry 15 people with a helmsman. For commercial use, the number is limited to 12 paying passengers, a helmsman and a crew member if required. (This limitation may change depending on the country the boat is being operated in, check with your local authorities).

What can it be used for?

Family use, personal leisure, water taxi service, rental fleets, sight seeing tours, fishing charter, wine tours, eco friendly tours.

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