Customer Reviews

“We went out on Skaha Lake as planned yesterday. We were only the second ones to use the electric boat so it is brand spanking new and the owners are very proud of it!  We loved it.  For fishing, the slower pace is just perfect and so easy to manoeuvre in a small area.  Great not to have to gas up before use and no nasty gassy fumes.  Carley caught a fish and the rest of us had nibbles but nothing else.  We found the boat really spacious and six people could easily fish on it.  We loved the canopy over the top.  The boat is amazing!”
Rod T.

Thanks Randy for the opportunity to take the electric boat out for a ride. We loved it and can’t wait to take it out again one evening with some friends. The wind picked up a little and we thought it might be a longer ride back but it cut through the waves keeping its pace the whole time. It was easy to handle and much quieter than a standard boat motor allowing us to just enjoy the lake! Look forward to see the innovations to come from this Okanagan company. Thanks again!
Barbara S.