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A division of International Yacht Training Worldwide.
Experience the Silence.

Approved by Transport Canada for 15 passengers, 2-meter waves (6 ½ feet) and 33 knots of wind (38mph).

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Coming Soon: The Sedan S26

The Sedan S26 is the newest model in the Templar Marine electric boat fleet. The Sedan is a sister model to the flagship Cruiser 26 and is much more than a day cruiser. The Sedan is equipped with a large forward berth, a butane stove, and an optional theatre system to experience movie nights in a completely new way. The solid fibreglass roof features a retractable sun roof and plenty of room for the optional solar panels.

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Cruiser C26

Eco-friendly, zero emissions, fully electric. The Templar Cruiser is simple to operate, easy to board, safe, low maintenance and features a spectacular amount of space including a full size bathroom, central heating and a full poly carbonate enclosure for year round use making it a unique concept in its class. Propulsion systems running costs are approximately 10 cents an hour to operate.

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Water Taxi T26

The Templar Water Taxi is 26′ long and designed to carry 12 passengers comfortably and all round seating (9’6 beam). With almost no operating or maintenance costs and free of exhaust fumes and engine noise the T26 is suitable for many year round applications such as water taxi service, rental fleets, sight seeing tours, fishing charter, wine tours, and eco-tours among others. Tour guides will appreciate the ability to speak to their guests without worry of speaking over engine noise due to the fully electric motor. Guests will be grateful they are using an environmentally friendly service for their experience. Transport Canada approved for commercial uses for 12 paying passengers, 60 kph winds and 2m waves.

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Picnic 20

The Picnic 20 is the newest in the Templar Marine electric boat line. As the little sister to the flagship Cruiser 26, the Picnic model is a smaller, lighter and cheaper option now available to the North American consumer market. The Picnic series starts at just CDN $59,000, with additional A la carte options customers can customize to create their own unique electric boat. At 20-foot in length and 7-foot beam, the Picnic series will easily handle 10 passengers for all day emission free, silent cruising.

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Templar boats are designed and built in Kelowna, British Columbia, Canada, as a joint collaboration between The Templar Marine Group Ltd and Vector Powerboats.

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